• Rick Ingram

    A Champion for Peachland’s
    Vibrant Small Town Character

    A photograph of Rick Ingram who is running for Peachland council.

Why I would be a good Councillor


My vision is to see our jewel of Peachland evolve into the vibrant and prosperous small town we know it can be – claiming its rightful place on all of the “Best Small Towns in Canada” lists.


Voting Philosophy

To make decisions in Council that will allow Peachland to grow in a fiscally responsible, environmentally sensitive, and community inclusive manner that protects and enhances our small town character.



  • Fair – I always try to understand all sides to an argument and all aspects of an issue before taking a stand and making a decision.
  • Diplomatic – I have a reputation for being able to find middle ground and leading difficult participants to a shared end result.
  • Energetic – My entrepreneurial past is a testament to my hard work ethic and dedication to do what it takes to reach a goal.
  • Passionate – Peachland is my adopted home in which I plan to live for the next 30+ years. I want to see it retain its beauty and charm while moving forward to support a growing and diverse population. I want to make my contribution in helping Peachland grow.

Here are my views on some
of the key issues

A photograph of the Peachland Fire and Rescue Service building with the fire trucks in view.

1.) Protective Services Building

  • As a member of the Fire Hall Advisory Select Committee I have a very good understanding of the shortcomings of our current fire hall and the urgent need to replace it to service the Peachland of today and tomorrow
  • The two main shortcomings of the current fire hall are its size and location – but there are others as well
  • Co-locating the Community Policing and ambulance services in the same complex makes sense on many different levels
  • The proposed location provides much better access to all of Peachland, and is large enough to properly and adequately house our protective services
  • I encourage everyone to go to the Peachland Protective Services Referendum website to learn more for themselves

I further encourage everyone to vote “Yes” in the borrowing bylaw referendum as we very much need the new fire hall. I definitely will be!

2.) Downtown Development

  • Peachland needs development in our downtown core both to revitalize the area and to enhance and diversify our tax base
  • Peachland’s small town character is one of our primary draws for both tourists and new residents; any development in the downtown core must respect and enhance the small town character
  • Development proposals should only be approved if existing infrastructure can support them, or they should be required to pay for needed upgrades; this infrastructure includes water plant, sewage system, electrical grid, road capacity, and a critical resource in downtown – parking.
  • Cash-in-lieu payments must reflect the actual cost to Peachland to compensate; the Peach Tree project was allowed cash-in-lieu payments for inadequate parking at a rate of $,000 per spot when it should have been at the $40,000 – $50,000 per spot it will cost to build a multi-level parkade
  • Projects that enhance our “small town character” will find me as their most ardent supporter; those that do not will find me as their staunchest opponent
A photograph taken at street level of some store fronts on the main road through peachlands waterfront.
a Photograph of a small bear cub chewing through a garbage bag in peachland bc.

3.) Community Safety

I feel community safety needs to be enhanced on several fronts:

  • Working with FLNROD to reduce wildfire risk by minimizing fuel in interface areas beyond Peachland’s boundaries
  • FireSmarting Peachland through education and inspection to ensure landowners in interface areas have taken steps to minimize risks on their property
  • Wildlife risk reduction by educating residents about the importance of only placing garbage on the street on garbage day and not the night before, enhancing bylaws and enforcement if needed
  • Working with MOTI to explore options to reduce accidents on Drought Hill
  • Taking steps to enhance safety of pedestrians and cyclists – our new Active Transportation Plan is an excellent first step
  • Working with FLNROD and other parties to protect our watershed – any issues with water quality or quantity effect all of us

4.) Affordable Housing Development

  • Peachland needs developments that have the potential to provide housing options for those early on in their working careers who cannot afford the prices that view properties (the majority of Peachland) now command on the market
  • The proposed development by the elementary school has the potential to fill some of this void
  • Any such developments must provide adequate green space as a significant part of their target demographic will be younger families
  • Any such developments must bear the costs of required infrastructure upgrades
  • Any such developments must be of a reasonable density to ensure cohesiveness with the immediately surrounding community and Peachland as a whole
A photograph of the peachland elementary school.
a photograph of the solar panels on rick ingram's home in peachland.

5.) Climate Change

  • Climate change is one of the most pressing issues on our planet and must be included in any list of issues in all jurisdictions
  • All types of entities from nations to provinces/states to regions to municipalities to individuals must be aware, informed and take action to both mitigate climate change and adapt to unavoidable changes
  • As a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change I would encourage all Peachlanders I would encourage all Peachlanders to explore the information in our display at the Public Library to learn more about the science and actions that can be taken
  • I would work with the MTFCC to propose actions that could be taken by Peachland alone, as well as together with other municipalities in the Valley to mitigate and adapt
  • As a member of First Things First Okanagan I would encourage all concerned individuals to look into this group, and to attend and support their activities
  • On a personal level, my wife and I have installed solar panels on our roof, are acquiring our first electric vehicle this fall, and purchase carbon offsets for all of the air travel we can not avoid

6.) Official Community Plan (OCP)

  • The OCP forms a social contract between the citizenry and Council as to what types of development projects will be approved; the citizenry should be able to depend on Council making decisions consistent with the OCP
  • The OCP should be updated every 5 years based on significant public input
  • An OCP should provide a “40,000 foot view” with implementation details left to the Zoning Bylaw
  • the current OCP has internal inconsistencies that must be fixed so developers have a clear message of what is OK with the community
  • I provided significant feedback to the 2nddraft of the new OCP in order to enshrine protection of Peachland’s “small town character”; most of the changes made in the document came from my feedback, other elements of my feedback were not included as it was considered that would be too large a change

Peachland is a small town, and always will be. Even if our population were to double, we would still be a small town. The question is – what kind of a small town do we want to be.

a map of the district of peachland for the official community plan.
A photograph taken at street level of some store fronts on the main road through peachlands waterfront.

7.) Zoning Bylaw: C-2, CR-1 and CR-2 Zones

  • The Zoning Bylaw should be updated every time the OCP is updated
  • The current Zoning Bylaw for the C-2 zone (which is most of the downtown core) does not reflect the old OCP – which it should have
  • When changing from an OCP with a height restriction to a new one without, I had proposed to Council that the C-2 Zoning be changed to restrict heights on Beach Ave. at both the Council meeting with 1streading of the new OCP bylaw and again at the Public Meeting
  • Our planner adopted this idea and included it as a recommendation to Council on 3rdreading; Council subsequently rejected the idea 5:2
  • I would prioritize working together with our Planning staff to develop changes to the Zoning Bylaw C-2, CR-1, and CR-2 zones that would specifically protect our downtown’s small town character and provide guidance to developers that would be consistent with the new OCP and the intent of the Sustainable Downtown Peachland Plan

8.) Hwy 97 Expansion

  • I believe that a bypass would be in the best interest of Peachland
  • Any bypass would have to be a true bypass, going around Peachland, and not bisecting the town as the majority of the “options” from the Open House illustrated
  • Any bypass would have to have appropriate safe crossings and other considerations for wildlife
  • Any bypass would have to have adequate safeguards to protect our watershed
  • Any bypass would require First Nation approval
  • If a bypass proposal can not satisfy these requirements then an expansion in-place must be the option
  • An expansion in-place must prioritize safety and noise minimization in town, even if that means speed reductions from existing limits
  • No route, whether bypass or in-place, should go through an existing neighbourhood; impact on properties must be minimized

A little bit about me
and my life so far

Main Details

  • Born in Ottawa in 1960; grew up in the west end (was called Nepean Township back then)
  • Attended the University of Waterloo and received a Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) in 1984
  • I spent most of my career as either a software entrepreneur or providing technology and business development consulting services
  • I played an active role in the Canadian High Performance Computing research community as the final president of Super*CAN, while that organization was being rolled into C3.ca Association Inc., and continuing on the Board of C3.ca
  • I lived in the country close to the small towns of Almonte and Carp just west of Ottawa through the 90’s and early 2000’s
  • I moved to Calgary in 2004.
  • Since 2015 I have been directing my energies to understanding climate science and advocating for mitigation of climate change

Entrepreneurial Background

  • License Tracker Inc.: 2005 – 2017, CEO
    Software asset management tools based on software usage analysis.
  • Can-Sol Computer Corporation (and predecessors): 1984 – 2005, President
    High performance computing and computer graphics R&D;
    technology development and business development consulting services.
  • Colin Griffiths & Associates: 2002 – 2004, CEO
    Personal income tax software.
  • Global Job Net: 1995 – 1996, VP Technology
    Internet based resume and job posting service.
  • Crawley’s R&D: 1985 – 1988, VP Research
    Computer-assisted animation studio R&D.

Peachland Connection

  • My first visits to Peachland were during the 80’s as a stop-over on drives from Alberta to visit my Dad in White Rock
  • My wife Janice and I started coming to Peachland on a regular basis with our 1st anniversary trip in 2007; with more numerous and longer visits each year
  • We bought our piece of land in Peachland in 2010 and started our house construction in 2015. We were first able to stay in our Peachland house in May 2016
  • I joined the Peachland Mayor’s Task for on Climate Change in January 2017 after sitting in on meetings the previous year
  • I moved to Peachland full-time in May 2017
  • I became a Director of the Peachland Wellness Centre in 2019 (I’m currently the Treasurer and was previously Vice President)
  • I joined the Peachland Economic Development Committee in 2019 and quickly became Vice-Chair and then Chair. I am currently the Vice-Chair of the combined Tourism and Economic Development Committee
  • I was a member of the Peachland Recovery Task Force
  • I am on the Board of the Bulyea FireSmart Community
  • I am the Vice-Chair of the Peachland Hub Society
  • I am a member of the Fire Hall Advisory Select Committee

Get in touch

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A photograph of Rick Ingram who is running again for Peachland council.

To add a level-headed, entrepreneurial and
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